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About Us

Eagle Creek Bonsai was opened for business in September, 2009.  The goal was to provide quality bonsai, pre-bonsai, tools, pots and supplies to Central Indiana at affordable prices.  Scott Yelich, owner of Eagle Creek Bonsai, has been working with bonsai for over 25 years.  Eagle Creek bonsai also sells suiseki.  The daizas for the suiseki listed on the website are hand made by Scott.  Eagle Creek Bonsai holds monthly workshops from March through August on various tree species and bonsai styles.  You can often find the Eagle Creek Bonsai booth at local farmers' markets, local and regional bonsai shows, and craft shows. You are welcome to visit the Eagle Creek Bonsai greenhouse and garden by appointment.  To schedule your visit, please call 317-471-7696.


 Scott Yelich's interest in bonsai began like many others, by watching the original "Karate Kid."  Once his interest was sparked, he starting learning by reading library books on bonsai and by lots of personal trial and error.  Soon, Scott met Mike Devore, owner of Northridge Bonsai in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  Mike specialized in tropical bonsai.  Much of Scott's styling technique and teaching style was learned from Mike.  When Mike decided to retire from his bonsai  business, he encouraged Scott to take over where he left off.  Scott became the new "go-to guy' for tropical bonsai in the Indianapolis area.  This also sparked the creation of Eagle Creek Bonsai.   Although Scott still loves his tropical trees, he also works with a great deal of outdoor species, including pines, maples, elms and juniper.  He has also improved  his skills by working with artists like,  Andy Smith, Ted Matson, Jerry Meislik and Erik Wigert.  Along the way, Scott also became interested in suiseki, the Japanese art of stone appreciation.  Scott  constructs and sells hand made daizas.  Bonsai trees and viewing stones from  Scott's personal collection are often seen at both local and regional bonsai shows. Scott is available  by appointment for Bonsai, Penjing and Suiseki workshops and demonstrations.  Besides being the owner and operator of Eagle Creek Bonsai LLC, Scott is a member of the American Bonsai Society, the Ft. Wayne Bonsai Club and the Indianapolis Bonsai Club, where he was the club president from 2013-2016.  Scott is again serving as president of the Indianapolis Bonsai Club for 2021-2022.